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XiYouJi QingZhi Weight Loss Capsules (Big Box)
XiYouJi QingZhi weight loss capsule,20 capsules,20 days supply,You could lose 7 -12 kilos a month.
Scientists have discovered that the latitude 50 degrees above the Alpine oil quality of soil in the growth of green plants in the placenta,can be extracted from a new type of material oil absorbing base.This oil absorbing base in a 5-10 times the volume,intestinal fat absorption,excretion and quickly solve the problem of constipation,to prevent fat,Supian deposition,but also non-toxic side effects.The products was inventively listed in the United States.
Main Ingriendient:oil-absorbing base,Polygonum multiflorum,Citrus,Gonpo,the lotus leaf,the Health and haw.
Xiyouji qingzhi Capsule magic effectiveness:
1,After taking 24 hours, fat cells dispersed and dissolved,fat cells start from the pores,Paixiejitong discharged.
2,Taking seven days, some fat cells are dissolved,the elimination of sleep can be felt when the body cool,abdomen,waist,legs and there was a slight sense of fibrillation.
3,Taking 14 days later, obviously thin lap,abdomen,waist,legs and face significantly thinner layer of fat,thin waist,and hip Shangqiao,walking legs significantly easier flu. Taking one or two cycles: 360 all defibrase wisdom to create a sculpture of the burden of obesity,20-35 the effect of thin,refined curves of the female reproduction. you could lose 7 -12 kilos a month.
Implementation of the standards: W/HUND002-2004
Specifications: 300mg * 20 capsules
Packages:10 pills per small box,2 small boxes load in big box.
Usage:One pill a day in a morning (it is better 30-40 minutes before or after breakfast)
Storage:Dry shade
Suitable People:16-60 years old,who want to lose weight fast and no diet.
Precation:Pregnant women,children are not suitable.
Shelf life:24 months
Storage:Keep in cool and dry place.
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XiYouJi QingZhi Weight Loss Capsules (Big Box)

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